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Our motto always has been and always will be
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Slades tree and landcape is a proffessional licensed and fully insured company. Providing complete tree maintenance and solutions for all your needs. We are competitive in our work and our goal, wether a big or small job,is to earn your trust.

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Tree Trimming
At Slades Tree and Landscape we properly trim your tree using new chainsaw blades and sterilized
bars to avoid spreading disease.
Using lateral cuts when trimming, which stimulates growth for the future. Always maintaining your umbrella canopy.
Tree Removal
This process can be very dangerous and should be done by a licensed professional. No two tree removals are the same, we always inspect the job site for any and all hazards. We always take extra precautions removing trees next to houses, fences, power lines and a/c units to prevent any damages.
Stump Grinding
We will remove tree stumps with a stump grinder, by removing the heart of the tree, 18-24 inches below ground, to prevent regrowth. Also we will enliminate all unwanted runners/root systems.
Hedge Trimming
This is one of our favorites, turning overgrown hedges and shrubs into detailed beauty. Checking the health of your shrubs in the process.
The daignosing of any disease that will cause deadwooding, such as carpenter ants, bores, aphids, etc. Removing all dead from tree to allow grass growth.
Flower Bed Detail
We also provide total flower bed detail. This consists of the removal of weeds, shrub and flower installation, and checking irrigation within the flower beds.
If your looking for low maintenance landscape we offer aquascapes, desertscapes, and xeriscapes. Removing existing yards and installing industrial weed barrier, drip line or bubblers, metal edging, and plants for the west Texas climate. We offer your favorite rock samples as well.
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We are ready to assist you with all your tree and landscaping needs. Send us a message and we will give you a call to setup a free estimate.
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